19 Genius hacks every parent must know

Child drawing
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These hacks will make parenting easier and more fun.

Any parent will tell you that although having kids is a blessing and something they would never trade for anything, it still doesn’t make the job easier.

While learning how to get things done themselves, kids will often make a mess.

From ruining the furniture by colouring on it, to dirtying their clothes or locking themselves in the bathroom.

And no matter how many times you try to discipline them, kids are bound to just mess again.

The key is to find a way that still allows your kids to be kids, without the mess.

With these hacks, parenting will be much easier.

From no-mess painting and eating, to training them to put their shoes on correctly and tying their shoelaces, these tips will help you stay sane. It also has tricks on how to ensure that they always have your contact number.



Teach Your Children To Tie Their Shoes In Less Than A Minute

We have tried many ways to teach her to tie her shoes and they didn't work. We saw the video going around last week and this worked!!!! She now knows how to tie her own shoes in 5 minutes tooTo find Free Local Fun in the Wiregrass Area including crafts, recipes and all the 411 on FREE Family Fun https://ozark.macaronikid.com/You can follow me online Macaroni Kid Dothan-Ozark

Posted by Tamaran Lewis Scarborough on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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