5 things to help you survive the last quarter of the year

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With the year almost coming to an end, many of us are feeling exhausted. Here are some tips to help you get through the rest of the year feeling on top of your game.

Many of us start the year with a bang. We go on diets, eat healthy, exercise, set new goals, and vow to make the most of the year. But as the months pass and we haven’t achieved some of the things we set out to do or when we feel we have too much work to do, we get demotivated.

The reality is the way you feel impacts what you do. If you are feeling demotivated, the truth is that it will negatively impact your work. You might take longer to do things and not do them as well as if you were feeling energised.

Here are five things to do to help you get back your mojo.

Make the most of the public holidays
Have you noticed how just taking a break helps you re-focus? Even after sleeping, we wake up feeling refreshed. This is because taking a break helps you get recharged.

Monday, September 24 is a public holiday, so if you take that Friday off, you can have 4-day long weekend.

December 16 falls on a Sunday, making Monday a holiday. So, take Friday the 14th off. That would give you a 4-day weekend as well.

Remember to switch off your work laptop and just enjoy the break.

Go on holiday
You don’t have to go far or spend lots of money to go on holiday. You can still have a fun-filled holiday on a tight budget.

The secret lies in picking the best time and finding a deal that suits your pocket. You would be surprised how cheap going on holiday can be on some of the travel websites, especially if you look for package deals that include accommodation and transportation.

Alternatively, you can go camping or choose self-catering accommodation. Remember you might save thousands of Rands by going on holiday during off-peak season.

Find something interesting to do
There’s something exciting about doing something new.

When you are feeling bored and demotivated, it’s the perfect time to try out something new. It could be anything from a new sport, to new recipes, baking or why not even try something on your bucket list?

You might develop a new hobby or discover a talent you never knew you had.

Do something you love
Spend some time doing what you love.

When we do something we love and are passionate about, we feel happy and motivated.

Play ‘happy’ music
Music has a way of affecting our mood and energy. When you are feeling a bit down and out, the best way to boost your mood is to play ‘happy’ music.

Listen to positive talk
Don’t hang around people that will drain your energy. Surround yourself with positive things and positive people.

If all you hear is negative talk and all you see is negative things, you are bound to feel worse.

Instead, hang around positive people, listen to motivational speakers and read positive books.

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