8 tips to help you survive the first few days of motherhood


From the day you learned that you were expecting, you looked forward to the time when you would finally have your bundle of joy in your arms. But being a parent, especially in the first few days, can be tough. These tips will help you better cope with the challenges that first few days of parenting might bring.

Giving birth to your baby comes with a sense of pride and relief. But one thing moms usually struggle with is how to cope during those first few days, and sometimes even months, after the baby is born. In most cases you will have to deal with sleepless nights, feeling overwhelmed and frustration with not knowing how to handle certain things.

Most new moms are so worried about making sure their baby is healthy and happy, that they forget to make sure that they stay sane and don’t fall apart in the process. Let’s look at ways that can help you cope better as a new mom.

Adjust your sleeping pattern
If your baby sleeps during the day, sleep during the day as well.

Sleep is very important for your overall wellbeing. Depriving yourself of sleep might leave you feeling exhausted and cause you to be irritable. Try and sleep when your baby sleeps.

Switch off your cell phone
Your cell phone may be flooded with phone calls and messages to congratulate you on the birth of your new baby. Although it may be good to respond to the messages and calls, it can get overwhelming and your cell phone can be a distraction especially if you are trying to sleep, so sometimes you just have to switch it off.

Switching off your cell phone might also help you to bond with your baby without having to worry about dividing your attention.

Get help
Get the father to look after the baby while you have some ‘me’ time. You can also ask relatives or friends to help babysit now and again while you get out of the house for some of fresh air, have a decent shower or bath, or even wash your hair.

Don’t overwork yourself
It’s okay to not have your house looking neat and tidy all the time. Sometimes you won’t even be able to have time to make proper meals. This is normal. The best thing is to get someone to come help clean your house, help with laundry and cook some meals that you can freeze and just reheat when you need to.

Set limits when it comes to visitors
Hospitals have visiting hours, but when you return home, you might have quite a few visitors and some of them will probably stay for too long. This can put a strain on you as a new mom. Don’t feel bad saying no to visitors. People will understand if you explain, and if you give them an alternate date when you’re ready.

Call your mom or doctor
Don’t feel bad for calling your mom or doctor often. New born babies might cry a lot, or get sick and you might not always know what to do. It’s better to ask for help than be frustrated all on your own.

Don’t beat yourself up
If you make a mistake, don’t condemn yourself. There is no mom who has never made a mistake. The best moms are those who learn from their mistakes and avoid making them again.

Join a mommy group online
There are lots of great mommy forums online. Find one that you like and chat with other moms about your experiences. You might find a sense of relief knowing that there are tons of other moms who are also going through the same journey as you.