An ode to white wine…

White wine
White wine/ iStock

Often overlooked and somewhat under-appreciated, few people know that you (white wine) have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Like your highly-praised counterpart (red wine), you too have some pretty impressive health benefits.

White wine can help with heart and metabolism-related issues

Although many have sung the praises of red wine in this regard, white wine also has similar health benefits, in that it too can contribute positively to your health and has the same level of antioxidant activity that improve heart and metabolism-related functions.

White wine can help improve cholesterol levels

Moderate consumption of white wine can raise your ‘good’ cholesterol levels by increasing the speeds at which proteins are transported through the body.

Good for lung function

Research points out that white wine contains nutrients that ‘mop up’ toxins in the blood and may also reduce inflammation in the airways, thus protecting the lungs.

White wine can help remove a red wine stain!

Watch the video below:

PS: Next time you’re judged for choosing white over red… show them this.

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