Elana’s tips for buying Christmas gifts for the whole family

Elana Afrika Bredenkamp/ Supplied

Struggling to decide which gifts to get your family members this Christmas? Jacaranda FM’s presenter Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp has great tips to help you decide.

Sharing gifts during Christmas is a great way of showing love and appreciation to your family.

But picking the best gift can be tricky, so how do you go about it?

Elana says “only gift if you mean it.” Sometimes the pressure of having to get everyone a gift can result in you buying gifts not because you want to, but out of compulsion. This defeats the whole purpose of giving.

She adds that “don’t regift or recycle a gift” and if you don’t have money “a handwritten note with meaning and a small gift means much more than an expensive gift”.

The best way to get the best gift is to “ask someone what they really need, that way you buy something that they can use,” says Elana.

Alternatively, she says: “take everyone on a holiday! That should cover it …cause that is what I am doing.”

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