Eskort – Quick and easy delicious food recipes

Eskort breakfast taco

From breakfast to dinner, we have you covered with these easy and quick Eskort recipes.

You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen making food. Feed your family something special this week with these delicious and quick recipes from the Eskort kitchen.

Breakfast Taco

Let’s taco ‘bout eggs, baby! A mouth-watering combination of Russians, fried eggs, spring onion and crumbled, creamy feta assembled on a warm, soft tortilla make up our #JustDelicious Breakfast Taco! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious quick meals!

Liver Bacon & Onions

You’ll be crying tears of joy once you take a bite of our #JustDelicious Liver, Bacon and Onions! Nutritious chicken livers are sautéed with crispy bacon, onions and garlic and served with fluffy quinoa, creamy mashed potatoes or a starch of your choice for a #JustDelicious, flavour-packed meal. Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious quick meals!


Chickpea Pork & Peppers

This cut is a little slice of heaven! Our #JustDelicious pork fillet is cooked to tender perfection and served sliced on a bed of nutty chickpeas in a rich tomato and red pepper sauce that’ll have you running back for seconds! Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious quick meals!

Chickpea pork and peppers

BLT Hot Dog

Lettuce satisfy your bacon cravings! Our #JustDelicious BLT Hot Dog features a juicy bacon-wrapped chilli cheese sausage served on a bed of crunchy, shredded lettuce and sliced tomatoes inside a soft hot dog roll. Visit for this recipe and more #JustDelicious quick meals!

BLT Hotdog

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