Five back to school supplies moms forget to buy

Kids in school
School kids in class.

Check out back to school must-haves many moms almost always forget to buy.

It’s that time of the year again when parents have to run around trying to get their children’s back-to-school supplies in order. While schools provide a list of supplies pupils will need for the term and/or year, there are a few basics that may not be on the list.

Here are five back to school must-haves many moms almost always forget to buy.

Bento lunch box

Yes, every child, no matter what age, needs to have a Bento lunch box. They help keep all parts of your child’s meal (fruit, proteins, and carbs etc.) in one box. Some lunch boxes even come with labelled sections to ensure kids get a well-balanced meal.

Extra clothes

Packing an extra set of clothing or uniform is the norm for pre-schoolers, but they may also come in handy for older kids, especially on a rainy day.

Hand wipes/sanitizer

Having clean hands is important for everyone, but especially for children who are prone to sickness. Make sure you pack hand wipes or sanitizer to ensure they can clean their hands when they can’t get to a tap.

Pocket tissues

Another back to school must-have is pocket tissues. Whether it is to wipe a runny nose or a sweaty face, the uses for tissues are almost endless.


Your child will need an umbrella, not only on rainy days, but on very hot days as well. They don’t need to take an umbrella with them every day, just on the days when the weather man predicts rain or extremely hot weather. A small umbrella fits nicely into just about every backpack.

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