Five ways to save petrol

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These fuel-saving tips will come in handy on the back of SA’s record-breaking petrol price hike…

South Africans will be forking out a whopping R17.08c a litre for petrol this month. The fuel price increased by 99c and R1 – depending on the grade – at midnight.

Motorists on the coast can expect to pay slightly less than their inland counterparts, but they will still be paying a high price of R16.49c a litre. 

The fuel price has reached an all-time high for the country. The People Against Petrol and Paraffin Price Increases (Pappi) have been protesting the increases for quite some time now but it seems their cries are falling on deaf ears.

Some South Africans have shared funny memes about how the petrol hike is affecting the country.

But this is no laughing matter for motorists who are already struggling to keep up.

There’s no telling how long South Africans will have to put up with the high fuel price, but all is not lost.

Here’s are five ways you can make your precious fuel last longer in these tough times.

Drive smarter

Speeding can empty your tank faster than you can spell fuel. The faster you drive, the harder your car works which means it uses more petrol. According to an article in The Guardian, you can use 10% more fuel when speeding. Accelerating rapidly, such as speeding up to beat a red robot, and braking suddenly (when you realise you won’t beat the traffic light) also depletes your fuel tank. Don’t speed off when the light turns green either! Driving in the wrong gear can also affect how much fuel you use. Using a lower gear so you can drive faster will eat up fuel. Your car is pretty good at letting you know when you are in the wrong gear. You can feel and hear it. Don’t ignore the signs or you will have to head to the petrol station more often than you need to.

Plan ahead

Plan your trips every day to ensure you take the shortest route to your destination. Keep up with traffic alerts on Twitter and on your favourite radio station to know which routes to avoid traffic, especially during peak hours. Follow Twitter handles like @ecrtraffic for if you live in KwaZulu-Natal and @jaca_traffic in Guateng to stay alert.

Check your tyres

Not only are tyres that are correctly inflated good for your safety and others, it can also save you some fuel. Mechanics recommend checking your tyre pressure at least once a month. It is also a good idea to check your wheel alignment as tires that are not aligned properly will increase drag, which will result in serious fuel wasting.


Don’t ride the clutch

Not only will riding your clutch cause unnecessary wear but it can also waste petrol. Many people ride the clutch while stuck in traffic while others keep their feet rested on the clutch and brake when stopped on an incline, which does not do your fuel any good.


Don’t drive with heavy loads  

If you are driving around with heavy equipment and household items that you don’t really need all the time, it is best to off-load them. Heavy loads can greatly affect your fuel consumption, especially in smaller cars.

Do you have any other fuel saving tips to add? Share them in the comments section.

The petrol price has gone up and here are simple fuel saving tips you can use.

Posted by South African Government on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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