Four ways to organise your spices

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We love these creative ways to store and organise your spices.

Every kitchen has spices, and if you don’t, you probably are not cooking good food.

Whether you are a home cook or culinary genius, you need well-stocked spices rack to , well, spice up your meals.

But with many homes having up to 23 essential herbs and spices in the cupboards, things can get messy.

Thankfully, we have five solutions to dealing with messy cupboards.

Here’s how you can organise your spices.

Use mason jars 

One of the practical ways to store your spices is by using bottles. While some spices come in bottles, they are usually not a desirable size and cost more than buying refills. Mason jars come in several different shapes to suit your needs. Some even come with a built-in spice cap.

Manson jars
Manson jars/ Flickr/ HomeSpot HQ

Label them

Easily identify your spices by putting clear labels on them.

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Create a spice draw 

Keep your spices within arms reach by creating a spice drawer near your stove.

Get Creative 

Some people don’t like keeping their spices out of view in a cupboard or drawer, because they actually add to their kitchen’s aesthetic. If you are one  of those people, you might want to try magnetic spice jars or racks. You can store them on your fridge door or your kitchen walls.

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