How to make your own Valentine’s Day mugs

Hot cocoa with pink marshmallows in mugs/ iStock

Ditch the cheesy store-bought Valentine’s Day mug and make a meaningful one yourself.

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and if you don’t have a gift yet. Don’t worry about it, we have the perfect solution for you.

At the top of just about everyone’s gift list is a lovey-dovey mug. You know, the cheesy coffee mugs that are covered in hearts, and filled with sweet treats. Next to flowers, and chocolate, the chances of you getting a Valentine’s Day themed mug are very high.

While it is sweet and cute, it does scream “I put no thought into this gift whatsoever”.

If you’re going to give your special someone a mug this Valentine’s Day, then let it be one you’ve made yourself. It will have more meaning than a store-bought one and will be treasured by the lucky recipient for years to come.

Here are three ideas you can try at home.

Oil-based Sharpie/paint marker mug

All you need is a little creativity to make this Sharpie mug.

 Marble mug

If you have bad handwriting and can’t draw to save your mug, then a marble mug  is your best bet.

Glitter mug

Put a little sparkle into your Valentine’s Day gift with this DIY glitter mug.