Job interview: do’s and don’ts

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Brenda Smith, the founder of Ad Talent recruitment agency shares tips on what to do and what to avoid during a job interview.

Scoring a job interview is great but ensuring that you are thoroughly prepared is crucial.

Saying or doing the wrong thing could jeopardise your chances of getting the job while doing the right things will give you a good chance of a successful application.

Brenda Smith, the founder of Ad Talent shares her tips on what to do and what to avoid in a job interview:
▪ Do smile
▪ Do introduce yourself clearly
▪ Do be punctual
▪ Do dress professionally
▪ Do listen to the question carefully before answering
▪ Do be prepared to answer basic questions
▪ Do have good posture, body language and good eye contact
▪ Do have a positive attitude
▪ Do show confidence, maintain poise
▪ Do be assertive
▪ Do remember the goal is to market yourself,
▪ Do show your worth, show how your experience would benefit the company
▪ Do bring a digital copy of your portfolio with on a laptop, iPad or tablet (if applicable)

▪ Don’t bad-mouth previous employers
▪ Don’t, however comfortable the interviewer makes you feel, divulge minute details of your emotional and personal life
▪ Don’t arrive unprepared for the interview
▪ Don’t make excuses for failings
▪ Don’t give vague responses to questions
▪ Don’t express strong prejudices or any personal intolerance towards the company
▪ Don’t show any reservation about the company or position
▪ Don’t bring up money, unless they do
▪ Don’t leave your cell phone on during the interview
▪ Don’t chew gum

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