Phrases you should never use in your online dating profile

Online dating

These five phrases can end your online dating experience before it even really begins.

Online dating is hard. Do you take a selfie and risk looking obsessed with yourself? A photo with your best friend, but then really hope that whoever messages you doesn’t think you’re the other person? How do you know whether you should message someone? And if you meet up, what if it’s super awkward and they’re nothing like their profile picture?

The list of things for you to stress about is long, but we’re here to give you one less thing to split hairs over. Avoid these common phrases in your online dating profile if you want to have a chance of meeting and keeping the person you’ve been dreaming about.

“I signed up for a joke/I can’t believe I’m doing this/I don’t really do online dating”

Slow down there! You might be saying this to deflect some awkwardness or vulnerability you feel but the reality is that people will either feel like you’re being condescending and critical of their choice to try online dating, or they’ll move right on past you because honestly, if you’re there for a joke then you’re probably not worth someone else’s time.

“If you want to know about me, just ask”

We’ve all seen it. What does this even mean? Are your photos so irresistible that you don’t need to give any information? Are you just lazy? Neglecting to add any form of bio means that potential dates don’t have any common ground to start from, so you end up repeating the same things about yourself over and over. Seriously, it’s less effort for you to just put it in your profile once and be done with it! On top of that, it also means that a lot of people are not going to bother contacting you because you haven’t bothered filling anything out. Wouldn’t you be a little bit skeptical?

“I’m shy but open up once you get to know me”

People have actually done research into internet dating phrases and what can increase your chances and it turns out that describing yourself as shy is a big no no! Admittedly, we can see that it might make people wary about meeting in real life. Instead, describe yourself as ‘honest’ or ‘confident.’

“I’m over the clubbing scene/over the drama/over the games”

Ok, negative Nancy, let’s just take a breather here. This might well be true, but who wants to start off their profile with a bitter and angry tone? Presumably, not you. You’re fun to be around, right? So focus on the stuff that makes you fun. Plus, let’s be honest – nobody likes dating games. We all play them, but nobody likes them.

“I’m looking for someone who is kind, ambitious, adventurous, easygoing, fun and has a great sense of humour”

Mmm. I’m looking for a leopard driving a Ferrari but sometimes you’ve gotta compromise, you know?

“I just got out of a serious relationship”

Save it for the third date! Nobody wants to be the rebound or end up going on a date with someone who clearly isn’t over their ex. Most people really have no issues if you are divorced or have just left a long-term relationship similar, but putting it out there straight away is kind of an indicator that maybe you’re not ready to move along quite yet. Either that, or they think you’re in it for the fun and one night stands. These things are far easier to discuss face to face.