Planning the perfect birthday party for your kid

Kids birthday party
Kids birthday party.

Give your child a birthday party they will never forget.

Kids birthday parties are a big deal.

Parents go all out to ensure their kids have a party that will remain on everyone’s lips for weeks, months or even years.

But in order to host the perfect birthday party, it’s important to plan properly.

To help you do just that, we spoke to Ouma Ngwagwe, owner of Nzuri Sana Creations – a party planning services company in Pretoria, for some great party planning tips.

Ouma says there are three ingredients for a perfect kiddies’ birthday party – friends, food and games.

“Children do not like to sit for too long listening to speeches. They just want to play and have fun. So, always make sure that there is good entertainment that will keep them entertained, food and drinks,” Ouma says.

She cautions parents against making the party about themselves and excluding the children in the planning.

“Make it about them. Get them involved in designing the invite. Let them suggest their favourite theme and ask them what they want to see on the day. Allow them to watch their dream party come to life,” says Ouma.
She adds that although parents can be invited to the party, “it’s easier to host the kids alone because it is less hustle and there are no expectations. As long as you get dietary requirements (to avoid food allergies) and also get a childminder who will watch the children the whole day for safety reasons.”

However, “if you are planning to invite parents, it might be best to provide catering and entertainment suitable for the adults; something to keep them busy. Some parents prefer to have two set-ups, for both the kids and the adults,” she says.

She adds that catering for parents can be tricky and should depend on how much your budget is.

Ouma says to ensure the weather doesn’t disappoint, it’s always best to have a backup plan.

“Outdoor parties are great because children get to run around enjoying the ambiance, however if the weather decides to change, a lot can go wrong. Always make sure that you have a backup plan,” she warns.

Lastly, Ouma says you should remember to send your guests home with a little goodie bag.

“Kids love getting goodie bags, it doesn’t even matter what is inside. They just want to see themselves going home with something,” she concludes.

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