Tasty rice paper spring roll recipes

Spring rolls
Spring rolls. thesomegirl. iStockphoto.com/https://www.istockphoto.com/za/photo/fresh-assorted-spring-rolls-gm833518598-135556557

Rice paper spring rolls are delicious, can be very healthy and are quite easy to make.

Whether you serve them as an appetizer, lunch, snack or even dinner, they never disappoint. They are suitable for almost every occasion and you can easily cater for meat lovers and vegetarians.

But before you learn how to make them, there are few things you need to bear in mind.

Although you allowed to put any filling you like, when it comes to vegetables, it’s always advisable to choose crunchy ones. They add a delicious flavour and texture.

It’s also important to make the spring roll wrappers moist to prevent them from drying out and getting hard.

Lastly, although you may be tempted to put as many things as you like in the roll, make sure you don’t overstuff it.

Let’s have a look five healthy and easy rice paper spring rolls from chef Lacey Baier. She even shares a special spring roll dipping sauce for each one.


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