Three unique uses for your dishwashing liquid

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Did you ever think to use your dishwashing liquid for things other than washing the dishes?

We all use dishwashing liquid on a daily basis. It is one of those household items that you can’t go without.

But did you ever think to use your dishwashing liquid for things other than washing the dishes?

Well, we have come across three very random other uses for dishwashing liquid, and we can’t wait to let you in on the secret.

1 – Removing grease from clothing

We, as South Africans, are not afraid to get our hands dirty. Whether it be from doing work on the car or just general labour around the house, getting down and dirty is never met with a second thought. However, our clothes are not always best pleased with our hands-on approach. Don’t stress too much though, as dishwashing liquid is perfect for removing grease and other tough stains. All you need to do is rub on some dishwashing liquid and let it soak into the stain overnight. Once fully dry, pop the item of clothing into the washing machine and wash as normal. This method should remove the stain first time, but some tougher stains may require a second going over.

2 – Correcting a hair dye disaster

Have you ever coloured your hair at home, only to realise that the result is far darker than what the box illustrated? Never fear! Take some dishwashing liquid once your hair is fully dry and hop in the shower. Give your hair a thorough wash with the dishwashing liquid and you will see your hair lighten up a few shades. While we are unsure if continual washing of your hair with dishwashing liquid will return it to its original colour, we do know that the post-coloured hair will lighten to a more acceptable level with one wash.

3 – Remove stubborn weeds in the garden

Weeds can be quite irritating. They pop out of nowhere and conspire to ruin your pretty garden. Chemicals are very effective in removing weeds, but they can be dangerous for pets and young children. A safer way to kill weeds is by creating a solution using dishwashing liquid. All you require is a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, a cup of salt, and four litres of white vinegar. Mix the three ingredients together in a spray can and have at those weeds! Safer and cheaper than chemicals. Awesome!

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Have you got any hints or tips when it comes to dishwashing liquid? Let us know in the comments section below.