Wireless charging: Yay or nay?

Wireless charging
Wireless phone charging . iStockphoto.com

Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a phone that allows for wireless charging.

Wireless charging is nothing new, but thanks to companies like Samsung and Apple, smartphones that support it are slowly becoming the norm.

Despite it being around for a few years now, many people still have no idea how wireless charging works or if it is worth it.

Wireless charging is self-explanatory.  It allows you to charge your phone without needing to plug a cable into your device.

But, wireless charging does not mean you can simply walk around with your phone while browsing through your favourite apps. You will need to place your device (face up) on a wireless charging pad/charger. Your phone will start charging instantly.

So, why should you get a smartphone that supports wireless charging?

You have a variety of options

Many phones use “Qi”, which is a wireless charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. This means you will be able to use a wireless charging pad/charger from different service provides. Perfect for people on a tight budget. But be wary of fake wireless phone charges that claim to be Qi enabled. Some phones also support both Qi and PMA (Powermat) standards.

It’s becoming popular

Samsung introduced wireless charging way before Apple, but now that the latter’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X both come with the feature, you can expect it to become even more popular. So, you might as well get used to the new technology while you can.

It’s everywhere

New car models are being made with a built-in Qi wireless chargers, which means you can enjoy wireless charging while driving. But only a few cars currently have this feature and it could take a while before it becomes a standard car feature. It’s not only cars that adopting wireless charging feature for phones. Fast food outlets in America, such as McDonald’s, are already offering charging pads. We wonder how long before it is rolled out at outlets here in South Africa. Some hotels and airports also have wireless charging for your phone.

Easy to use

Using wireless charging is as easy as just placing your phone on the wireless pad/charger.

No more broken cables

You have probably bought multiple phone charger cables over the past year because you have either lost them or the cable bent and stopped working. Wireless charging will offer you more longevity.