How I knew my spouse was ‘The One’


There’s no greater joy in life than when you finally find the one who holds the key to your heart – that one person who makes your heart skip a beat.

For some, it is love at first sight, but for others, it takes a bit of persuasion. Regardless of your story, finding your soul mate is one of life’s greatest gifts. It’s a feeling no words can describe.

And because it is Valentine’s Day – a day where we get to celebrate love, we asked couples to share their stories of how they knew their spouse was ‘The One’.​

“We met on Valentine’s Day at an anti-Valentine’s Day show at Mercury in Cape Town. She hasn’t stopped following me around since. I kid. Everything just clicked and that was 11 years ago. Thank goodness I hated Valentine’s Day back then, otherwise we would never have met.”- Christian Kane.

“One day I was with a friend of Jeremy’s and he liked my friend, so they tried to set Jeremy and I up on a double date but Jeremy being a proper playboy wanted to kiss me in the bush! I was horrified and did not speak to him for a year. Then one day at a game room in my old area we met up and had the best afternoon laughing and just really connecting and I felt this instant connection and the rest is history. Jeremy has no romantic bone in his body but he does so many other things that shows how much he loves me.”- Charise Myles.

“The way he treated me was a sign. He always put me before himself in a way that revealed his heart’s intentions for me. He always wanted to share his life with me, he wanted to share time, ideas stories, feelings. That’s how I knew he was the one; he saw me as his queen and I saw my king”.- Olonathando Nkoe.

“Most of the things I prayed for in a husband, he had them. He respected me, made me like a woman, fears the Lord and is very romantic. But what confirmed that he was the one was the peace from within. My spirit and heart agreed and it really felt right.” – Faith Moagi.

“When I got a phone call from him wanting to meet me, I just knew at that moment that he was going to be my husband. On our very first date, I was free to be myself. We also both experienced similar heart-breaks from the people we thought we were going to marry, so I knew there was no way I could be disappointed again.”- Portia Marobela.

“I was not only physically attracted to her, but we also connected at an emotional, spiritual and life-goals level. Doing the same line of work also helped as it was easier to understand each other and it got me more interested in her.” – Tinei Nyatsvimbo.

“Mark and I met when I was 12 and he was 16. He bumped into me on the staircase at my cousin’s house (he was my cousin’s best friend) and threw red grape juice all over my white jersey. I looked at him and just knew we were going to get married one day. For reals. That literally went through my head at that point. Nothing happened because I was way too young, we just got along really well and we were very good friends. Four years later it was my cousin’s 21st, it was a fun night, we ended up kissing. And so we started an on/off relationship for about the next 6 years – nothing serious at all. We were only ever together when we saw each other – which was probably like once every 6 months. We didn’t see each other for a long time after that, I’d say maybe 4 years, and then we met up at my cousin’s graduation party 14 years after we first met, and that night we decided to actually give a proper relationship a try. So 18 years after we first met, we finally got married.” – Andrea Casting.

“He paid attention to the details of my life. He would listen to me whine and not complain and the best one is that he made me laugh so hard.”- Faith Mukulumedzi.

How did you meet your soulmate? How did you know they were ‘The One’? Let us know in the comments section below.

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