Famous women who were widowed young

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Til death do us part… these celebrities’ fairy-tale romances ended when their partners passed away.

When people get married, especially at a young age, they expect to spend many years together enjoying marriage and creating beautiful memories. Sadly, death can cut those hopes short.

Below are four celebrities who are dealing with the pain of losing their husbands.

Lerato Sengadi
Publicist and former ‘Big Brother’ contestant Lerato Sengadi recently lost her husband Jabulani “HHP” Tsambo.

“I’ve lost a husband, my best friend, my road, my comedian, my selector, my favourite artist, my scrabble mate, the love of my life, motho waka. I loved you when you didn’t love yourself. I loved you when you thought you didn’t deserve to be loved. I loved you when others thought you were unlovable. I loved you when others were scared to love you,” said Lerato during HHP’s memorial service.

Lerato has been sharing her pain with her followers on Instagram. Below is one of the many posts she has made since her husband’s passing.

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Today was bigger than me! Motho always saw greatness in me that I sometimes didn’t see in myself. He always said I was born to be great and felt almost undeserving of being loved by such greatness… but the feeling was mutual! He has catapulted me to the level of greatness that only a union blessed by the most High could. • • • This victory is not just mine. I am not the first that this has happened to! Which is why I am fired up and encouraged by the spirits of all the widows who have been marginalized by patriarchal in-laws in moments of grief and stripped of their dignity and the very basic need to grieve. Our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, best friends! • • • To all the women who choose to ridicule me for doing what is right; I pray that this never happens to u or ur daughter or ur best friend etc but if it does u will remember me and know that u can fight for what is right. • • • U don’t love someone because it’s convenient and easy. No! You love them because even when loving them isn’t convenient you will STILL fight for what is right for them. • • • Motho didn’t marry no punk! I am brave! I am a warrior! I am a Queen. #IAmHisWife! #IWillNotCower

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HHP died on October 24 after suffering with depression for many years.

Lerato and HHP dated for 10 years before tying the knot.

Below is a video of the two talking about their incredible love story in an interview with Anele Mdoda.

Simphiwe Ngema
Actress Simphiwe Ngema lost her husband Dumi Masilela following an attempted hijacking in Tembisa in 2017. This was just a few months after the two tied the knot.

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💔 someone in me died with you on this day.

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The couple was supposed to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary last year. Simphiwe took to Twitter to wish Dumi a happy anniversary.


In a recent interview with Fresh Breakfast on Metro FM, Simphiwe spoke about the pain she has had to endure since Dumi’s passing.

“You become comfortable in grief. I remember the first time I laughed after Dumi passed away. It felt so awkward, it felt like a foreign feeling, you know. It felt almost uncomfortable, like ‘why are you laughing?’. It felt so out of place because I was so consumed in the sadness, but for me that was the first step of moving forward with my life,” she said.

Ayanda Ncwane
Businesswoman and TV Presenter Ayanda Ncwane has written a book in honour of her late husband Sfiso Ncwane.

The award-winning Gospel singer Sfiso died of complications arising from kidney failure.

Ayanda says she started writing the book ‘For the Love of Sfiso Ncwane’ last year January, a month after her husband passed away.

“Nothing was planned. I wrote according to the way I was feeling and when I needed to express myself,” she told DRUM magazine.

The couple had planned to release a book in celebration of their 10th wedding anniversary but the star died months before the anniversary.

“We were planning to base the book on what has helped to strengthen our marriage and keep our businesses afloat without interfering with our marriage and spirituality. He passed even before we could start on the book, but I felt that it was important for me to carry out the plans we had together,” she told the publication.

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It will be selfish of me not to cherish every beautiful moments, deep love,respect you gave to me throughout our marriage. As wounded as i am, i still look at your 6 finger-hand with a smile and think 💭, this ugly world is not for humbled loving beautiful souls like yours. I never understood the scripture John 11:25-26 (whoever believes in Christ, though he dies, yet he shall live) until now. I still dish up the forth plate meant for you, I still dial your number and sadly drop the call. Because it has not yet sunk in that you will never be coming home myeni wam. This day the 5th… has become my Covernent day to seek the face of God more, because He chose this day to welcome you home. Rest well & peacefully Gwamanda omkhulu. #TheNcwanesForLife❤️

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Letshego Zulu
Fitness enthusiast Letshego Zulu lost her husband Gugu Zulu in 2016.

Zulu passed away while summiting Mount Kilimanjaro to help raise funds for sanitary pads for schoolgirls.

In loving memory of her husband, Letshego went to Mount Kilimanjaro to plant trees on the mountain slopes that took her husband’s life.

“We celebrated #GuguZulu along with @sarahofafrika @thekiliproject@trek4mandela 2018 climbers and my family by planting trees at #KanangoDamin Kilimanjaro. 2yrs on and I still smile in memory of the exceptional human being @guguzulu was and continues to be in my heart,” she wrote on Instagram.

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