Five ways to dress up a T-shirt for work

Tumi Voster wearing a T-shirt and a blazer

Working in a formal environment usually calls for you to wear heels, pencil skirts and a shirt with a collar.

But there is a way you can let your personality shine through, without breaking your office dress code.

Add a blazer

Wear a blazer or suit jacket over your T-shirt for a casual chic look. If your T-shirt is a bright colour like this John Deere ladies T-shirt, keep your blazer and bottoms neutral.


Tuck it in

Tuck your Tshirt into a formal skirt for a fashionable day at the office. This look works best with a pencil or loose-fitting skirt, but you can also pull it off with a pair of work pants.


Use accessories

Pair a plain white T-shirt with office-appropriate accessories like a pearl necklace for an elegant look. Avoid wearing colourful, chunky jewellery that makes too much noise while you walk.


Formal bottoms

Formal bottoms are the key to pulling off a T-shirt at the office. Whether you are wearing pants, a skirt or shorts, make sure you keep it formal. This will help you achieve a business casual look.



You can’t go wrong with a pair of heels. They will help give your outfit an instant dressy look – which comes in handy when you are trying to pull off a graphic T-shirt at the office.