6 Ways you can use fashion to make yourself look slimmer

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Find out how you can look one size smaller with the right styling. Plus WIN a box of accessories from The Box Fashion.

It’s a dilemma just about every woman faces daily: what to wear today?

That decision becomes harder when you are feeling bloated and want to hide lumps and bumps you are not confident with.

Winessa Potgieter, the founder of The Box Fashion, says before attempting to make yourself look slimmer with fashion, you first need to know your body type.

Even then, what works for one person will not necessarily work for someone with a similar body shape says Winessa.

“It is one thing to know that vertical focus points create a slimmer look, but how do you apply that? You need somebody to advise you to wear your red coat with an all-black outfit on the inside to draw the eye from top to bottom. Before you know it, you’ll be creating elongated lines on your own. Or by adding a long pendant necklace or wearing a scarf just draped around your neck, you can deduct five centimetres from any body shape,” she says.” she says.

Winessa shares six tips on how you can make yourself look one size smaller by wearing the right fashion pieces.  Read all the way to the bottom because Winessa has a special competition you don’t want to miss!

Vertical Lines

It is all about creating vertical lines. Do this by using prints, shapes and details. For example, an all-black outfit with a red coat as outerwear. The black centre will pull the eye from top to bottom, rather than from side to side. This creates an elongated look and the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. You can also create a vertical, centre focal point by wearing a long pendant necklace or wearing a scarf just draped around your neck.

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Colours and Prints

Colour can be your friend or foe, depending how you use it. Choose darker colours for the areas that you would like to minimise and lighter colours for areas that you would like to enhance or emphasise. A bright colour will also immediately catch the eye, so use it to highlight your best features. Don’t be afraid to wear prints! Prints play with the eye and can easily camouflage a muffin top. Look out for prints with a dark background for an added slimming effect.


Know your fabrics! Choose soft, flowy fabrics that will drape over your body rather than stretching fabric of poor quality that highlights each bump and lump. Be careful of fabric that is too stiff, as it will create extra, unwanted volume and can make you appear larger than what you are! Now, who would want that?

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When buying a garment, buy for your biggest body part and do alterations for the rest. For example, if your bust is the biggest part, buy a blouse that fits your bust perfectly so that your buttons don’t gape. If the blouse is then too big around your waist, do alterations for a more defined look. When buying trousers, make sure they fit your bum and thighs so that the pockets don’t gape open and then just do alterations on the waistband.


Retailers now stock shapewear which can really make a difference to your outfit. But don’t stop there, use tank tops, vests, leggings or tights to define and smoothen your curves. Invest in the right bra that will make you feel confident and will keep the girls in place.


The right shoe is an instant slimmer. Of course, it is no secret…wear those heels, even if it’s just a small heel! Pointy toed shoes will elongate the leg and draw the eye further than what round- or square-toed shoes would. A peep toe is also a stylish alternative option for summer. Shoes similar to your skin colour will elongate and slim your leg, because it creates a continuous look.

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Choosing the right accessories can also make or break your attempts to look slimmer.

Winessa says it is all about drawing the focus to your best assets.

“The easiest way to achieve this is with accessories. For example, a belt accentuates the waist and a long pendant necklace creates a vertical line which immediately has a slimming effect,” she says.

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Accessories are also a great way to try new trends without forking out an arm and a leg every season.

“Instead of going for banana leaf trousers, rather choose a scarf with a banana leaf print if you want to draw attention away from your lower body. That’s why we are so passionate about accessories. Not only does it place the focus where you want it, it can also transform an entire look.”

If you are clueless about fashion, and not quite sure where to start, The Box Fashion will help you take the guesswork out of deciding what to wear.

The company is South Africa’s first and only accessories membership/subscription service that provides clients with the latest fashion pieces and styling advice – all delivered to your doorstep in a box.

“We have decided to add an extra fashionable layer to your membership, by partnering with South African Image Academy (SAIA) to bring you more than just a box filled with accessories. Our team of dedicated image consultants and stylists will help you to incorporate your new seasonal accessories into your current wardrobe while providing you with styling tips. In future we aim to have these ladies so accessible that you can even ask fashion advice for that big meeting or your year-end function over a live chat! All of this is simply to help you become the best version of yourself without having to break the bank.”

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