8 Things every woman should carry in her bag

Woman going through her handbag

Women can fit everything, but the bathroom sink in their handbags, but there is really no need to be walking around with a bag that weighs a ton.

Aside from your car/house keys, wallet, phone and driver’s license, you only really need these 8 items to get through the day.

1. Hand sanitizer and cream: Public bathrooms, restaurant menus and shopping trolleys are some of the germiest things you will encounter in your day. Hand sanitizer is a need. Hand cream is also a must.

2. Sanitary towel/tampons: There is nothing worse than entering your office bathroom only to realise “aunty Suzy” has paid you a visit and you don’t have any tampons.

3. Pain medication: See point two!

4. Water bottle: Staying hydrated during the day is important for your wellbeing. Keeping a small bottle of water will also remind you to drink more H2O every time you open your bag.

5. Perfume/deodorant: This will help you freshen up on a hot day.

6. Mints: You never know who you will meet.

7. Sunglasses: Great for driving and adding a bit of chicness to your outfit.

8. Pepper spray: Be prepared for anything and everything.

Now that you have narrowed down the important things you shouldn’t leave your house without, it’s time to find the perfect bag to keep it all in.